Here at West Advisory Group, we recognize that financial literacy is the key to stability, development, and growth in our community. While many people become successful doctors, lawyers, scientists, and engineers with substantial salaries, the fact remains that the majority of Americans sorely lack the most basic of financial management skills. The painful truth is that no matter how large a salary one takes home, a cavalier attitude towards money can lead to complete and utter ruin.

The repercussions of poor financial decisions go far beyond credits and debits. Marriages are destroyed by disagreements concerning money. Lives are ruined through the constant stress and financial anguish that comes with not being responsible with one’s income. The economy suffers greatly when homes are foreclosed upon and bankruptcies are filed due to overwhelming credit card balances and staggering income-to-debt ratios. We want to implement changes in the spending habits of youth that will reverberate for a lifetime.

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West Advisory Group strives to ingrain an attitude of lifetime learning and fiscal responsibility into each and every one of our students. The major lessons that we hope to impart are:

» Giving
» Saving
» Investing
» Spending Wisely
» Credit
» Money Management